Betsy Devos, An Education Secretary Who Delivers Truth To Power

President Trump has been an ardent supporter of school choice and a critic of common core to which he rallied support against during the 2016 campaign.


Betsy Devos embodies that mission and it was an easy decision for the Trump administration to make her the nominee as the 11th Secretary of Education in February.


Fortunately, Devos passed in the Senate by a vote of 51-50 with Mike Pence securing the winning vote, the first time a Vice President ever had to use their power for a confirmation.


I’m inclined to believe Betsy DeVos does not get her fair try in the public sphere. It could be that she and Trump are so closely aligned and that the snobby detractors rule death by association. Though she has not made public appearances in recent months, when she does come on the news I hear mostly negative things about her.


Devos has had a long career as a businesswoman and activist for decades. Her mother was an educator herself so it gives her great pride to help younger generations of students be given opportunities.


But that is just it. The vision of Betsy Devos it to expand school choice, to make sure every parent has the right to ensure their child has an equal opportunity. Currently, the states, with Common Core, has taken control of this freedom.


DeVos began assisting disadvantaged children in the Public schools, to which she began a scholarship foundation that would allow for poorer families to go to the school of their choice. Her next goal would be to take this to the state legislature.


In Michigan, Mrs. Devos and her husband Dick, who once ran for the Governor of Michigan, urged the state to pass its first charter school bill and allow vouchers and tax credits. They were unsuccessful, however, made a name for themselves and were able to raise awareness to these types of issues.


The states of Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana have applied for parents to have school choice with tax-credit scholarships exemplifying the Devos brand.


Also, Children First America and the American Federation for Children (AFC) which aims to implement those exact goals is in their name.


The Devos journey embodies the freedoms associated with the great nation of what is the United States of America and a capitalist system built on Judeo-Christian values that preach personal responsibility instead of socialized order that robs students of their bright capabilities.


Like Trump, Devos is not just a polished up politician. Devos has a clear goal in mind that is supported most Americans. The media will always oppose her agenda, however she says what she believes and devotes her position to fighting for her cause.


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