Billy McFarland and The Founding of Magnises

Despite the fact that a great deal of people have not yet heard of Mr. Billy McFarland, most people have heard of his various different projects. The young and technologically savvy entrepreneur is most well known for his creation of the popular marketing boosting and brand image optimization service known as Spling.

Spling was a smash hit success and remains one to this very day (indeed, so much so that Mr. McFarland still retains and manages the site to this day). However, Billy McFarland truly rose to prominence not with the creation of Spling but do to the founding of Magnises.

Magnises is a New York based discount service which utilizes both a membership card as well as a online mobile and PC application. Anyone who signs up for Magnises will be grant a small black card, heavy and made of pure, polished metal.Then, with nothing more than the flashing of this card at any given Magnises affiliated business or venture, the card holder will be granted a substantial price discount.

However, the perks do not just stop there, in addition to the various different financial benefits of the Magnises membership, the little black card will also grant card holders instant VIP access to a wide array of various different premier events. This latter feature is what truly sets Magnises apart from any other business of its kind as it is not just a discount service but also a business networking service.

At select affiliated ventures and businesses, Maginses VIP members will be able to find every new and premiere event before it happens via the Magnises membership app. The app will display all associated businesses and events and give you hours of opening and closing as well as when time specific occurrences are going to happen (such as galas or concerts) so that you never miss a single exciting outing.

According to Crunchbase, when asked what his inspiration for the business model Billy McFarland replied that he wanted to tie the venture’s model into something that people would always carry with them and always use.

He explained that one of the most ubiquitous things in relation to financial transactions utilized in the world today are credit cards and thus the genesis for Magnises was born, and just like it’s antecedent company, Spling, Magnises has been a top notch success story.