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Jim Tananbaum is Accelerating Next-Generation Sequencing and Drug Discovery

Jim Tananbaum is a successful entrepreneur and venture capital partner. He is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, a venture capital firm that focuses on the healthcare industry. The CEO recently announced the addition of Dr. Molly He to the company. Dr. He is a renowned scientific researcher with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals and […]

Rick Shinto Contributions to the Development of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of health services in North America. Under the leadership of its chief executive officer, Rick Shinto, the institution gets driven by core values that include; the provision of quality medical care, establishing a good relationship with patients, and most importantly teamwork. InnovaCare Health is also keen on employing qualified […]

How Business Leader Brian Bonar Is Transforming The World of Business Services

There are few professionals that are able to master the art of developing expertise in a variety of industries and disciplines. Many people prefer to choose one industry or one skill to develop. Other professionals, however, manage to develop careers where they find that the skills that they have honed in one area can contribute […]