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Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, and Securus Technologies is a leading technological solution for public safety. There have been several published customer reviews after having used this technology to help solve and prevent crimes in and outside of prison. These comments are a small portion of formal letters and emails that have been […]

Customers Resolve Inmate Communication Irregularities That Could Have Resulted In Increased Fees

Securus Technologies developed their name as a high end network regulator that is responsible for a government mandated system of monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. Their innovative technology has been able to catch irregularities with inmate communication networks like Global Tel-Link. These errors are spotted and immediately corrected so customers receive every minute guaranteed […]

Protecting The Public Is Securus Technologies

The correction facilities across the nation were in need of help to deal with criminal activity in their units. They called upon the companies in the safety field to create a technology that would cut out the use of the cell phones by inmates that were setting up contacts with people that were going to […]

Securus Technologies: Keeping Families Together

I recently watched a YouTube video where an incarcerated father got to visit his little boy for Christmas via Securus Technologies video chat. The father and his son could see and hear each other as if they were in the same room together. The video was crystal clear and the sound was perfect. I was […]