Chris Burch Talks About Technology And Fashion Trends

Recently, Chris Burch, an entrepreneur and capital investor, discussed about the correlation between technology and fashion. He shed light over tech and fashion trends from the past to the present. Chris outlined the symbiotic relationship that subsists between the two industries. The boom box, which is a music gadget, rocked the airwaves in the 70s. In the 80s, they were increasingly carried around due to the introduction of movie story lines. The 90s came with more personal and portable devices like a Walkman and later iPods, which were considered more fashionable and trendy. Marrying technology and fashion heightens the standards of innovation. A famed fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht, weaves technology in her fashion fabric. Over the years, she has come up with designs like the DareDroid, drink-making dress, a self-painting dress and Pseudomorphs.

Taking a glance at the tech fashion advancements, one will appreciate more improved equipment like airbags for bike protection. They are more fashionable than helmets. There are new gloves for firefighters, which have been designed for sign communication while at the scene. Other fascinating developments are the recycling of inner tubes of bikes to make clothes besides recycling a radiator copper to create a gown. In another instance, clothes can be used to produce kinetic energy through movement. This captured energy can be used to charge devices like watches. A project to create shoes that you can use to charge your phone while running or walking is ongoing. The use of Google glasses was not common until the models hit the runways with the glasses. This analysis highlights how technology and fashion grow together.

About Christopher Burch

The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital is a successful businessperson who has actively invested in diverse industries for close to 40 years. His career as an entrepreneur took off in 1976 while still in college. Chris invested $2,000 alongside his brother to establish Eagle’s Eye firm, which later sold to Swire Group.

In 2011, Burch launched C. Wonder Company. It deals with accessories and home décor. Later, he sold the company to Xcel Brands. In 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to launch ED by Ellen DeGeneres, her lifestyle brand. The other brand portfolios of Chris are Cocoon9, Nihiwatu and Bur+Mar. As a highly talented entrepreneur, Chris Burch uses his blog to share his vast knowledge on successful business operations.

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