Customers Resolve Inmate Communication Irregularities That Could Have Resulted In Increased Fees

Securus Technologies developed their name as a high end network regulator that is responsible for a government mandated system of monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. Their innovative technology has been able to catch irregularities with inmate communication networks like Global Tel-Link. These errors are spotted and immediately corrected so customers receive every minute guaranteed under their contractual agreement. The competitiveness of the inmate communication network encouraged them to become a network provider of inmate communications and PRN News has dubbed them as one of the largest growing providers in the industry. Stay connected to the ones you love in a correctional facility while spending far less than with other networks.


How Securus Technologies Grew To A Leading Inmate Provider


Securus Technologies recently won the Stevie Award for a high level of customer service. They were awarded the prestigious award from a panel of over seventy-five judges that have a superior standard of judging who will receive the award annually. The Gold Stevie is the highest customer service standard award given to inmate communication networks in the industry and Securus is becoming a number one contender. Customer feedback recently caught irregularities that were immediately reported to Securus officials to avoid an increase in fees. Securus Technologies is committed to putting their customers first.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave a message for an inmate in their personalized access account and they can retrieve your message at their leisure. This feature is popular among inmates because it helps them transition for a life outside of a correctional facility.


Remote Visitation


Remote visitation gives you access to your love ones in a correctional facility over the internet. Eliminate the need for visitation at an actual facility on special occasion like Christmas.


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