Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was born in Russia but moved to New York City when she was 17. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design, but she dropped out to focus on her clothing line. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband.


In 2004, she started an account on eBay to jumpstart her own DIY fashion line. She created and modeled all of her products. She soon realized that unusual makeup colors were hard to come by, so in 2008, she created her own makeup line. She believes that makeup is a form of self-expression, and her line of cosmetics proves that.


In 2008, she created Lime Crime. Her goal was to revolutionize makeup. The name comes from her favorite color, Lime, and the idea that her products are so bright, that wearing them might as well be illegal. All of her products are vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime now has a large following from both domestic and international customers. She often refers to her fans as unicorns. She says this is because she thinks unicorns are different, but they’re also aware and proud of that.


Doe worked in many administrative jobs during her 20s but realized that wasn’t for her. She is now a huge supporter of entrepreneurship and frequently talks about the topic at public events and online. She even welcomes her fans to contact her on social media for advice. She also has a blog called Doe Deere: Tales of the Unicorn Queen where she posts about everything from her everyday life to Lime Crime, to fashion.


People who have worked alongside Deere, have said that she has a vibrant personality that reflects in her fashion choices and her Lime Crime products.


When Deere rose to fame, she revolutionized the makeup scene and gave people the power to express themselves. She’s been through many hardships over the years, but she brushed it off. She is a strong, iconic woman. Let’s all take a minute to thank Doe Deere for her amazing company, Lime Crime, and its unapologetic use of stunning colors.