Education Forms The Basis Of The Work Of Dick DeVos

I had always been aware of Dick DeVos as the former head of the AmWay Group that has been a major success story as one of the most important direct sales companies in the world. Dick has impressed me recently after reading an interview with his wife Betsy discussing the education reform work the couple have taken on over the course of the last three decades; the Philanthropy Roundtable article explained how the DeVos family has been at the forefront of education reform since the couple had children of school age and wanted to give all children the chance to enjoy the best possible education. I have been aware of Dick’s work as a business leader, but was not aware of his impressive work as a philanthropist who has done much to push forward many different groups in Michigan and around the U.S. I have enjoyed discovering more about the work Dick and Betsy have completed in education reform, which includes Dick’s appointment to the Michigan Board of Education; as I have read about Dick’s dedication to the work he has completed in terms of education I have often wondered how he has the time to maintain this area of interest alongside his business needs. I have been impressed with the work Dick has completed in making sure school choice and voucher programs from across the U.S. are well publicized in terms of impending deadlines for programs the couple fund with their own money and time. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has been established by the couple in a bid to make sure the programs and charitable groups that share the values and vision of the U.S. as the DeVos family remain well funded. Making sure the values and traditional American beliefs continue into the future is an area of interest I share with Dick DeVos, who has spent much of the last few years working with the Willow Creek Association that is concerned with returning the U.S. to its traditional moral center. I have enjoyed the many different area of philanthropic interest Dick DeVos has become an expert in over the years, including his devotion to the Grand Rapids area that has led to him joining the Grand Action Plan committee as chairman. Overall, I believe it is refreshing to see a business leader seeking to help the community he lives in and the nation as a whole without expecting anything in return.