George Soros – Political Influencer and Philanthropist

Mr. George Soros is a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been a strong believer and advocated of the concept of ‘’an open society’’. It is a concept that pictures a society which is unburdened by things such as hatred and discrimination towards minorities based on religion, sexual orientation, work, and so on.

The idea f the ‘’open society’’ was introduced to Mr. George Soros while he was a student attending the London school of economics. There he became hugely familiar with the work of the philosopher Karl Popper who was also teaching at the same academic institutions. Karl Popper was not a teacher of Mr. George Soros, but the latter looked to the former for advice and affirmation on his philosophical papers. Mr. George Soros felt related and was greatly influenced by a particular book that Mr. Karl Popper had written – The open Society and Its Enemies. The book spoke to Mr. George Soros who had experienced what it is like to be a part of the minority. Visit to know more about George.

Mr. George soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. The country was occupied by the German Nazi which was rounding up people from a Jewish descent – people such as Mr. George Soros as well. At the time his family name was Schwartz. He was born into a Jewish family and was forced to live his young year in prosecution. His teenage years he had to spent at a foreign family in Budapest. In order for young George Soros to survive, his father bought fake documents that game him a false name and stated he was Christian. That practice was one of the few things that allowed Jewish people to survive at the time.

Mr. George Soros grew up to be a very influential and compassionate man. He has been a philanthropist for the better art of his life and has been striving towards improving the world through his generous donations and advocacy for the rights of minorities including the LGBTQ+ community, migrants, religious minorities, and more. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

During interviews, Mr. George Soros speaks of his beliefs fondly. He has always been striving towards making the concept of an open society come to life. He is also highly influential in the world of politics. He is one of the 50 richest men alive, and that allows him to use his resources for contribution to political campaign and fundraising events. Mr. George Soros made a comeback recently during the presidential rivalry between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Mr. George Soros saw a threat in the face of Trump, and so he jumped to action and donation millions to the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. Other than that, he had not been involved in politics for years.