How Business Leader Brian Bonar Is Transforming The World of Business Services

There are few professionals that are able to master the art of developing expertise in a variety of industries and disciplines. Many people prefer to choose one industry or one skill to develop. Other professionals, however, manage to develop careers where they find that the skills that they have honed in one area can contribute to their success in another field that might, at first glance, look somewhat unconnected. Take entrepreneur Brian Bonar for example.

Bonar began his journey into the professional world as a highly trained mechanical engineer. He attended the University of Strathclyde in Scotland where he earned a Bachelor’s degree. He also attended Stafford University where he earned a graduate degree.

After spending many years working in the world of mechanical engineering including a position that required him to provide leadership to other mechanical engineers Bonar would go on to apply the attention for detail and strategic thinking that he honed as a mechanical engineer to his endeavors as a senior executive at Dalrada Financial Group.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar served as the Chief Executive Officer of the US-based company Dalrada Financial Group that specializes in offering services to other businesses that enable them to streamline important functions such as employee benefits packages and operations management.

While Bonar served as the Dalrada Financial Group’s Chief Executive Officer he earned an important accolade for his work in the business world. In 2010 Bonar was recognized by The Who’s Who of Cambridge as the Executive of The Year in Finance. Bonar would go on to transition from his role as Dalrada Financial Group’s Chief Executive Officer into a leadership role at another company.

Following his time at Dalrada Financial Group Bonar became the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of another company known as Trucept Incorporated. Trucept Inc. helps businesses become more efficient by offering assistance with workers’ compensation, payroll, human resources and safety programs. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar’s career has also included time spent working in senior leadership positions at other companies like Imaging Technologies Corporation.

During his time at the company the organization was involved in the printing software and hardware fields. Under his leadership the company underwent a transition from developing printing products to providing services that enabled other companies in the printing manufacturing space to develop marketing strategies to help sell their products.

Bonar oversaw the process of an important acquisition at ITEC that helped the company transform itself into a service provider. The company ended up acquiring a company that was based in Virginia known as SourceOne Group, Incorporated.

ITEC’s acquisition of SourceOne Group, Incorporated enabled the company to not only expand but develop important competencies that would guide the new direction its business was taking under Bonar’s leadership. As ITEC integrated SourceOne Group into its business operations it was able to incorporate the company’s area of expertise in human resource consulting into its business offerings.