Jason Hope, Providing Hope through SENS

Arizona's Jason HopeJason Hope, internet entrepreneur, is quite the sensation these days as a philanthropist. He has made his name as someone who cares passionately about technology and his causes, and he has chosen many causes to care for. He has advocated education for one, and has proven that he cares passionately for the Boys and Girls Club by donating and participating in their events in Scottsdale, and he is the voice of hope for this generation of young kids.

He has also proven that he cares about biotechnological advances that help to cure disease. Jason Hope has recently pledged to give half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, which is the organization best known for advancing cures of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other age-related illnesses. The SENS Foundation has made it known that they will try to make this gift go for spending time on hypertension studies, which could help those who suffer from high blood pressure to get their bearings back.

As you now know, Jason Hope’s internet entrepreneurship makes him one of many givers in a world that can look bleak in terms of disease cure. But the SENS Foundation, as Jason Hope (@JasonHope) has discovered, is working to change that, so that people who suffer from age-related diseases can find a cure. He is one of the first to give this liberally to SENS, but surely, there will be more.

As Scottsdale, AZ, knows, Jason Hope is a rare voice for the philanthropists living there, and he is one of the most prominent in the community. From his interest in education and mentoring to his gifts to help cure disease, Jason Hope is truly a sensational person, and he’s one that will outlive his life through his gifts and his legacy of giving to worthy causes. If you want a role model, look no further.

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