Mark Sparks Helps Entrepreneurs to Grow their Early Startups into Successful Firms

Mark Sparks has established a prosperous entrepreneurial career. Sparks has invested a lot of time and resources into building a successful entrepreneurial empire. He leverages his success to create a noticeable difference in the world. He guides both established and ambitious, young entrepreneurs in making intelligent investment decisions.

Mark Sparks has made a name for himself in the arena of venture capitalism. He has spearheaded capital raising campaigns for various startups in the United States.

Career Journey

Sparks is a resident of Dallas, Texas. He currently manages multiple portfolio firms. He is in charge of managing the operations of Timber Creek Capital. Since he commenced his business career, Sparks has managed a series of successful companies.

He is an authority in the telecommunication sector, and he has been associated with Jay Wireless, Splash Media, and Cardinal Telecom. Spark also ventured into the real estate, business solutions, and venture investing as both an employee and an investor.

Mark Sparks upgrades offices to enhance innovative collaboration

After more than ten years at its original location, the head of Timber Creek Capital, Mike Sparks, has relocated offices to a new setting designed for collaboration and favorable to startup development. Sparks assists entrepreneurs in establish successful companies from startups.

Sparks’ statements

Mark Sparks hinted that the process of establishing a business starts with creating a business model and obtaining the necessary resources required to achieve success. He explained that Timber Creek Capital, LP is structured to host three distinct firms in its facility and can provide a comprehensive incubation period. He believes that quality, favorable and collaborative workplace account for more than 25 percent of all the ingredients required to achieve success.

Timber Creek LP

Timber Creek Capital is a premier firm that focuses on helping entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action. The Texas-based company offers the required capital, web development, office space, legal expertise, intellectual capital, and support staff. Timber Creek has more than 35 years of entrepreneurial expertise to grow businesses from launch to success.


Marc Sparks is an active philanthropist who supports various community initiatives in the Dallas Area. He financially supports the Samaritan Inn, a renowned Homeless shelter. He started supporting this foundation back in the 1980s. He also supported the mission of Habitat for Humanity of building homes for the homeless. Spark is an active supporter of the Dallas-based high school magnet initiative known as American Can! Academy.