Meet Jim Tananbaum- The Triple Threat Who Happens to be a Medical Expert

Jim Tananbaum serves as the chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, an establishment that started out in 2011 with the exclusive focus of rendering health care services. Jim Tananbaum gleaned the Foresite objective from his time dealing with healthcare during which he grasped that success is in the chemistry behind innovation and the team putting it to practice.

Jim majored in Math, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science at Yale and is a loyal advocate of combining multidisciplinary hard sciences with computer science in healthcare. He received a masters degree from Harvard Medical School and a master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He also helps supervise investments in numerous successful healthcare companies which include Amira Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceutical.

Foresite Capital is a private firm based in San Francisco and has an office in New York. The company is mainly concerned with the discovery of upcoming healthcare leaders and helping them develop profitability through financing, offering information, and networks. Jim perceived that innovative healthcare products and solutions require a considerable amount of time and capital. This perception led Foresite to assist in the distribution of capital, information, and networks for future healthcare leaders. Foresite has been able to garner and analyze all handy information about healthcare progress as well as identify what is required to impact change thus understanding the most viable investments possibilities that are most likely to succeed.

Foresite Capital recently announced Molly He as its venture partner. Molly previously served as senior director at Illumina and brings to Foresite over a decade of expertise in pharmaceutical and genomic research and development.

Jim via Facebook expressed his excitement to welcome Dr. HE to the team. He says that he considers her a reputable scientific researcher in the area of next-generation sequencing and is thrilled to have her as part of the team. He then adds that her extensive expertise in genomics and drug development coupled with her remarkable track record of leadership makes her an invaluable resource to Foresite as they continue to grow and diversify their portfolio of transformational companies.