Mike Baur: Happiness Over Riches

It’s rare to see someone chasing their real dreams these days. Most people want to be rich and famous, and thanks to social media, almost anyone can be. While that reality has countless downsides, it’s also inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs. Most people want to find riches and fame by starting their own company.

Mike Baur was one of those people. He doesn’t care about being famous or rich; he wanted to start his own business. But in the beginning, that was just a far-away dream. He began his career as a financial expert, one of the best in the industry.

His first job was at a Union Bank of Switzerland. From day one, he was excited to be in the industry he loved. He worked for UBS until the early 2000s. He slowly began to feel his passion for banking fading away. Thinking a change of scenery might re-spark the flame, he moved to another company; Clariden Leu in Zurich.

He didn’t last as long at Clariden. It wasn’t that his passion for finance was gone; he began getting dragged down by all the hours bankers devote to dealing with red tape. The industry lost its appeal on a professional level.

In 2014, Mike Baur decided to chase a different passion; starting his own business. Along with a fellow Bern University graduate, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. SSUF helps young tech entrepreneurs get their enterprises up and running. Some of the startups even get financial support from SSUF.

Even though he no longer works at banks, banking is in his blood. He worked as a banker for 20 years; he can’t just turn it off. To satisfy his banking needs, he founded Think Reloaded, a financial advisory firm. Most of his clients remember him from his banking days, so his client list quickly grew.

He moves back and forth between several businesses but SSUF is his main focus. He loves working with new enterprises more than anything. He even goes to START Summiteer and other pitch contests around the city. These events are a great way for him to find struggling startups that SSUF can help.

His efforts at SSUF do not go unnoticed. All the young entrepreneurs he works with see how happy he is. He chose working with young entrepreneurs over a lucrative career and life.