Protecting The Public Is Securus Technologies

The correction facilities across the nation were in need of help to deal with criminal activity in their units. They called upon the companies in the safety field to create a technology that would cut out the use of the cell phones by inmates that were setting up contacts with people that were going to commit crimes. When Securus Technologies heard about this, they began their work on creating the technology that the facilities could use in order to stop this from happening.


Securus Technologies invented the Wireless Containment Solution, and it working tremendously well for the facilities. It is able to stop the inmates from doing this type of activity, and also to pinpoint the equipment that they were using. The success of the technology is appreciated by the facilities, and the company was glad that they could help with their knowledge and expertise since other companies could not do so. Other companies in the field wish they could compete with Securus Technologies in a more profound way, but know that they cannot.


With their success, they want the public to come and see what they are working on now. They invited to a tour and presentation at their Dallas, TX base, and hope that the public will attend so that they can see firsthand what they do, and why it is so important.


Securus Technologies is a company that is very serious about making the world a safer place for all. It is part of their culture as a company, and their staff is completely dedicated to the goal also. They work in the criminal and civil sectors of justice in an effort to complete this mission. They work with the government on regular basis to help in their facilities, and deal with a million inmates all the time. They use videos, monitors and investigations to ensure that safety precautions are taken at all times. Every week, they work on creating new technologies that will keep the public safer. The future looks fantastic for this company, and they will continue to make inroads in the public safety field on a regular basis.