Repeal Votes Were Paid, Reports End Citizens United

End Citizens United is an organization that was created to help people make sure that they are truly living in a democratic nation. It is an organization that has helped people with the problems that they have associated with the government and votes being paid for in the government. The initial purpose of End Citizens United was to end the changes that were made that made it possible for corporations to be able to vote just like citizens are able to vote. This was something that changed the way that people were able to have their voice heard and it was simply unfair to citizens. End Citizens United found that they could do different things that would help people be able to fight the problems that came along with Citizens United. They wanted to make sure that they were doing what they could to change the direction of the government and to take private special interest out of the game.


Recently, End Citizens United found information about the votes that were made for the repeal to the health care act. It was something that required a vote and that set it up for it to be tampered with. End Citizens United found that the votes were paid for and that they were being treated differently by the special interest groups that paid the people off who were voting. It was a huge problem and something that really changed the direction of the vote. There is a chance that, if the votes had not been bought, the repeal would have never passed.


Now, End Citizens United is going to focus on who was paid for their vote and what, exactly, they were paid that was worth more than what they would be able to get from the health care program that is currently in place. For End Citizens United, it is their mission to make sure that people are going to be able to rely on the information that they can supply to people about the votes and the way that special interest played a role in the way that the votes were cast.


End Citizens United started out as just something that would be able to help people get what they needed from different situations. The idea behind the organization was to make changes to the programs and to make things different for people to be able to get more out of the voting process. They have raised around four million dollars in the time that they have been operating. They are expected to raise over 35 million in the next few months as their organization begins to grow and they begin to help people with more opportunities in democracy.