Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, and Securus Technologies is a leading technological solution for public safety. There have been several published customer reviews after having used this technology to help solve and prevent crimes in and outside of prison.

These comments are a small portion of formal letters and emails that have been sent from prison and jail officials across the United States.

Richard A. (Rick) Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, said that about once a week their company develops a new product in attempt to help law enforcers, and other law enforcement officers to make their communities a safer place to live.

Being familiar with law enforcement technology I have found that Securus Technologies have proved to be highly beneficial for helping people prevent and solve crimes. Thousands of different forms of feedback have been provided on what products work best to assist officers in preventing and solving crimes.

Law enforcers who have used Securus Technologies have been grateful for the assistance it provides. Using Securus Technology, phone calls are able to be monitored, allowing sensitive information regarding illegal activities to alert the police and result in crime reduction.

Some correctional facilities have solely relied upon Securus Technology as a solution to reducing their crime rates, which is a comfort to me. It has been said that Securus Technology is the choice vendor who is committed to progressively improve public safety in all areas. This is evident to me in their ability to prove lower crime rates as a result of using this technology.

Securus Technologies helps protect the general public from crime, and I find this technology to be beneficial in keeping us safe. To learn more about criminal justice technologies visit