Securus Technologies: Keeping Families Together

I recently watched a YouTube video where an incarcerated father got to visit his little boy for Christmas via Securus Technologies video chat. The father and his son could see and hear each other as if they were in the same room together. The video was crystal clear and the sound was perfect. I was glad to see the father’s happy reaction each time his son opened a present. It was truly a touching video.


According to various studies, inmates who maintain a close relationship with their loved ones are less likely to return to jail when they are released. Video chat services by Securus Technologies makes this family closeness possible. Inmates can interact with their loved ones on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. No one will have regrets because a tender moment was missed. It is important that children maintain their bond with incarcerated parents. This video shows that it can be done. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Securus Technologies has developed communication services that keep incarcerated individuals connected with their families and friends. They can call or use video chat options that are compatible with smartphones, personal computers, or other mobile devices.


The company was launched and is based in Dallas, Texas. They specialize in communication and other technological needs of the corrections sector. Currently, Securus Technologies serves over 3,400 employees of law enforcement, public safety, and correctional facilities. They also provide communication and video services for over a million incarcerated individuals in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Securus keeps family bonding intact.